Victims of the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, and their families were recently given good news after a High Court judge in the UK ruled that the liability to compensate victims of their families by the insurance company arose at the time of exposure and not at the time when the tumour developed, which is what insurance firms had been claiming.

One woman, Ruth Durham, lost her father to the disease, and she was extremely pleased with the verdict. She has been locked in a legal battle with insurers since the death of her father, and has now been awarded a six figure sum in compensation as a result of this ruling.

She stated: “I am hugely relieved to hear of today’s court decision, which will see justice done for my father and hundreds of other mesothelioma sufferers now and in the future. Dad and I had a very close relationship and were really good friends. I miss him every day and no sum of money will ever compensate for the terrible suffering that my father endured. However, I hope that by pursuing this legal action, which will help others in future, it will make his suffering and death more bearable.”

Her lawyer added: “The dangers of exposure to asbestos dust have been known since at least the early part of the last century and today’s decision ensures that many mesothelioma victims who were negligently exposed to asbestos by their employers will have the comfort of knowing that they and their families will receive compensation.”

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