High Commissioner Jalloh in Tel Aviv Presenting Credentials-Iran is President Jammeh’s close ally?

By Hammadi Maasina,Security and Political Affairs Correspondent.
As we are piecing this together HE High Commissioner Tamsier Jallow The Gambian envoy in the United Kingdom is presenting his letters of credentials in Tel Aviv Israel. Jallow’s image was captured on a Television network in that region (name withheld in case he denies about this TV network, we will release it). High Commissioner Jallow is accompanied to Tel Aviv by his deputy Mr Lang Yarbo. Jallow was heard on TV expressing his delight and reassuring the Israeli authorities of his government’s readiness to cooperate with them. Cooperate with Israel? President Yahya Jammeh?
Our question for Jallow and his boss President Jammeh is this one. How can Jammeh merge the two and go to sleep? Be a close friend of Iran,receive arms from Tehran only two months ago and then reassure Israel of his support? This really does not leave any tangible reason which is  geared towards genuine and friendly ties with Tel Aviv. We are told that Jallow’s trip to Israel was done in the most discreet way one can ever imagine. However,President Jammeh has to know that we have feeders all over the world. Not all the people we work with are Gambians either. They only love The Gambia and want to see this leadership vacate for the good of our citizens period.
If President Jammeh thinks that he can use the fine traditions of diplomacy to collect information for Tehran let him think twice. He is known and he is being trailed. He has already proven to all and sundry that he can be a dangerous agent for Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Ahmadinejad of Iran. Certainly those who said that Jammeh was scared after the CNN report was aired are absolutely right. Today they have been proven right because High Commissioner Tamsier Jallow flew to Tel Aviv impromptu. More details will be released on this trip,particularly what was said before the High Commissioner left. Jallow will be flying back to UK on thursday March 21st 2007 if everything goes right. We wanted to release his flight details but will wait to hear what he says first.
We understand that Jallow is yet to send his report or press release to Banjul,therefore the reason why we wanted to set and example for him and Jammeh. That is,we are not joking about this paper’s duties which are geared towards honest and impartial ways of informing our people.
The state house and other government offices have to be ready before the next July 22nd celebrations. They will be seeing so many leakages and surprises on this leading paper from the state house,departments of state,embassies and others. This is a duty that this paper has promised to carry out in the most diligent manner. They will be seeing things for themselves as time goes on.
Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2007 (Archive on Friday, March 30, 2007)
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