What do you call a trio of out of shape beer-guzzling dudes who continually find themselves in unintended predicaments? You may be thinking to yourself, a modern day 3 Stooges? Well . . . this ain’t no Larry, Curly, or Moe. It’s Bruce, Evan, and Burt — the city of Sunnyvale’s own Neighborhood Watch, a group of community crime stoppers in Deviate Pictures’ new online series.

The series begins with Evan sighing, “god dammit.” The crime stoppers’ emergency hotline interrupts the start of their 45th straight Man Night – or Poker game – which is what they are ‘forced’ to resort to, after each meeting adjourns in the crime-less town.

In another Noam Bleiweiss creation, he writes and directs this hilarious saga, following around the trio’s attempts at wiping Sunnyvale’s streets free of crime. They get their first real emergency and rush to the scene to find a frantic Principal Gibbous (Dennis Haskins) complaining of a tall blonde hottie streaking in his backyard. In case you were wondering what happened to Mr. Belding (Haskins) after Zach Morris graduated, look no further; he’s been stirring up trouble at Sunnyvale High. The trio reluctantly brings the stalker down- their first success.

While at home celebrating with a $2,000 stripper they discover they are being targeted, but their only lead is a graffiti painted mallet next to the words “This Neighborhood Is Mine”! The next day Bruce gets a call from his son’s high school. Apparently Bubba was stuffed in a locker . . . again. Bubba’s perpetrator’s tagged his face with a sketch of a mallet. Sensing they’re on to something, The Watch begin to look for clues. Enter Charlie the Crackhead. You would have never thought one person could fire 3 handguns at once, but Charlie is a special one, and quite instrumental in solving the mystery which ensues.

You’ll find Haskins playing a contrast from Bayside High’s once dopey leader. But don’t be surprised of his unwavering thirst for power and interesting method for discipline – nobody wants to experience the principal’s paddle . . . it’s evolved over the years.

So if you’re interested in crazy old ladies, hot chicks, extortion, drugs, witty humor, beer helmets, fedoras, and subtle City of Sunnyvale references then you are in for a treat.

And if not? Well then, God Save your neighborhood!



Production: Deviate Pictures (www.deviatepictures.com), MMM (www.moviemagicmedia.com)
Cast: Dennis Haskins, Ron Babcock, Mike Mitchell, Ron Barba, Jake Regal, Kay D’Arcy, Duncan Calladine, Rachel Leigh Anderson, Erin Sullivan, David Reynolds
Director/Writer: Noam Bleiweiss (http://noamfilms.com)
Producers: Mark Cramer, Micah Levin
Executive producers: Ofer Bleiweiss, Marc Bauer
Director of photography: Elie Smolkin
Editor: Micah Levin
Production designer: Allen Glover
Music: Brady Cohan

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