I wasn’t too surprised that Proposition 8,which defended traditional marriage, passed in California because of the large number of Black and Hispanic Democrats who voted against it.

Their votes were actually about how people traditionally live together, and the place of marriage in society, but fifty years after the sexual revolution, one doubts that the mainstream media still remembers such things.

The sexual revolution preached: all forms of sex is okay “as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone”. A nice idea that paints copulation as harmless fun.

Ah, but the reality is something quite different: the millions of women who aborted their child after being abandoned, the mothers struggling to raise kids without a husband, and the children harmed by divorce…

Those most vulnerable to these social problems are the Black community and the recent immigrants, mostly Hispanic.They know first hand that government programs are needed to help families (which is why most of them are Democrats). But they also know that unless you strengthen the family, you will not solve the problem of poverty, and it’s side effects of despair, violence, and drug use.

Passing a law that allows two promiscuous gay men who live together to be “married” is not going to go down well in some neighborhoods, not because unmarried sex is unknown in the neighborhoods, but because those raising children have a daily job protecting their children against the sexual predators that are destroying their own neighborhoods.

There are all types of sexual exploitation of youth. Selling your body for money to live, or for drugs is the one that get in the headlines, of course. But if you live in a poor neighborhood, it also involves rich men cruising by and openly propositioning poor women for sex, as if every woman who is poor is a prostitute. Most vulnerable are the young teenage girls, who are given little or no support to “say no” by society. But there is another problem that few know about or discuss : the sexual abuse of young boys, that is common in these neighborhoods.

From the Journal of the American Medical Association:

Prevalence (of sexual abuse of males) estimates varied widely (by definition used and population studied), ranging from 4% to 76%. Boys at highest risk were younger than 13 years, nonwhite, of low socioeconomic status, and not living with their fathers. Perpetrators tended to be known but unrelated males. Abuse frequently occurred outside the home, involved penetration, and occurred more than once. Sequelae included psychological distress, substance abuse, and sexually related problems. Evaluation of management strategies was limited.

Is it no wonder that the reason Propsition 8 did not pass is because the Black pastors and the Hispanic community objected to it?

But no one wants to talk about the real reason behind “homophobia”, any more than people want to talk about violent crime as the reason behind a lot of racism: because it is unfair to condemn an entire group for the sins of a minority.

Of course, there are good secular, ethical and sociological arguments in favor of retaining traditional marriage as a norm, but don’t expect to see these arguments discussed in the mainstream media. The fight to preserve traditional marriage is is being framed only one way in the media: Opposition is the same as supporting “discrimination”, and only religious bigots who are unreasonable would oppose such a law.

But here the PC run into a problem: Those who support traditional marriage (i.e. Black Christians, including President Obama, and most Hispanics) know about discrimination first hand, so are not really going to be cowed by being told that their support is “discrimination”.

So who can be attacked?

The Catholics of course. But too many bishops are being cowed into silence by their own toleration of sexual abuse in the past to get into the headlines in this fight. And a lot of Catholics, who tend to see the world through communal (family) eyes probably think that why not welcome this nice couple into the church along with the rest of us sinners.

That leaves the Baptists.

But a lot of those Baptists are black, so nix that idea.

A HA! Let’s blame the Mormons!.

“The Mormons are coming! The Mormons are coming!” warned ads placed on newspaper Web sites in three Eastern states last month. The ad was rejected by sites in three other states, including Maine, where the Kennebec Journal informed Californians Against Hate that the copy “borders on insulting and denigrating a whole set of people based on their religion.”

Religious bigotry in the US is usually against Catholics. Kennedy was supposed to make the US a theocracy…. Galileo was arrested by the Inquisition…. the Know-nothing rioters who insisted that papists could never become real Americans…All our priests are homos who hit on altar boys…And then, there was a more subtle discrimination, making it hard to get jobs or decent housing…(No Irish need apply…Polish are dumb jokes…all Italians are rosary carrying Mafia types).

But how many Americans know about the persecution of the LDS church that drove them to migrate to what was then Mexican territory? And how many know about the struggles of the church to be accepted? Did you know that Governor Romney probably lost the Republican nomination because of anti LDS bigotry?

So the next PC target for ridicule and hatred will be your LDS neighbors.

Presumably we’ll see a PC movie to remind people of the Mountain Meadow massacre along with more “Big love” type exposes, all with the “wink wink” implication that Mormons are dangerous cult followers.

Why bash the Mormons?

Because they can.

Only 48% of Americans personally know a Mormon, it’s easy to tell lies about them.And other churches who believe that Marriage is instituted by God will stay quiet, for fear of being associated with that ” devil worshiping group” (one smear common on anti Mormon sites).

This is the same tactic that worked back in the 1960’s, when a lot of Protestant churches who opposed abortions were cowed into silence for fear of being associated with the “anti-christ Papists”.

It’s just history repeating itself.

Targeting the Mormons is only the tip of the iceberg, for it hints of the legal issues that could face traditional churches and mosques that will make the Boy-Scout lawsuits look petty.

But of course, it won’t work. The LDS church remembers it’s history, and any church that tells it’s children how their great grandmothers walked to Zion pushing a handcart so that they could have religious freedom is not exactly going to disappear because of ridicule or threats.

And the publicity could very well result in Christians from liberal churches checking into the beliefs of their LDS neighbors, and finding their emphasis on personal morality and their strong family oriented theology attractive. And not just Christians
So one unseen side effect of Kargar’s campaign might be an increase in converts to the LDS church.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She is Catholic.
She writes about human rights at MakaipaBlog.

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