Get your 2008 Calendar out and mark down April 7th. The OJ Simpson show will be hitting prime-time TV from lovely Las Vegas, Nevada. What better backdrop than Sin City for what is shaping up to be another ratings boost. With the TV writers being on strike, and no real progress being made resolving the impasse, the broadcasters must be salivating at the prospect of wall to wall coverage. It sure beats the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ re-runs that they are soon going to be faced with.

OJ Simpson as we all know holds the long standing, and unlikely to be beaten NFL record for most killings in a single evening, well now he is going after a new NFL record, most indictments by a running back.  The twelve count includes  the game winning play of  ‘Armed Robbery’.

While it is early days yet, I am sure that the build-up to this media circus will overshadow all other world news for the next 4 months. Having lost his battle for royalties from his rather shabby book If I Did It, maybe he should consider starting his own Cable TV channel. A 24 hour a day OJ extravaganza.

If found guilty we may yet see ‘canned’ Juice!

What is interesting from todays appearance is OJ’s accomplices Charles Ehrlich and Clarence Stewart seemed to be distancing themselves, and an attorney for the pair that said that they were considering going for separate trials.  This could very much leave him out in the cold, ‘Frozen’ canned Juice even.

How long is this next OJ Simpson media extravaganza like to last? As one pundit put it ‘Well it is OJ, so double or triple the normal amount of time, in fact OJ things seem to last exponentially longer than they should’!

Alas OJ’s original dream team is not available this time around, they are far too busy adjudicating matters in the ‘nether world’, and I am not sure that he has either the money, the credit, or the credibility to find the high priced legal gunslingers needed to get him out of this jam. I can’t even see how he can play the crippling arthritis card (though not crippling enough to preclude 18 holes of golf everyday), there are no gloves that don’t fit, no Nazi oriented cops, not even any DNA. The only thing I can think of is a defense that goes after the Casino surveillance camera’s, someone rigged the tapes!

Roll on April 7, it will be fun.

Simon Barrett

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