Congressman Hunter you are my candidate. Because in my opinion you have the most to offer and are the only conservative purist in the race. And one other big plus for me – you, being a former Airborne Ranger who served 2 tours in Vietnam, know what its like to be dropped into a “Hot LZ”. Hence the dem’s or MSM can’t very well accuse you or your offspring of being draft dodgers. How refreshing that’ll be. Also, Sen. McCain will not be able to use his Vietnam experience to bully you. Believe me, that will be important in the years to come after 1/20/09 as McCain will be on a “revenge rampage” against conservatives for rejecting him. So Duncan many of us see you as the only qualified candidate to be dropped into that “Hot LZ” called the Oval Office.Now listen up. Please.

Sir, your campaign seems to be getting no traction! Your well meaning advisers/consultants seem ineffective. I believe they are moving your campaign off course. Not intentionally. They’re good folks, I’m sure. They just need some fresh ideas. Therefore Cong. Hunter, I have decided to appoint myself as your consultant! A bit audacious of me, true. But its my right to advise you. Your right to listen (or not).

May I call you Duncan?

First and foremost Duncan. You must beat Gov. Romney in the Iowa Straw Poll in August. If only by 1 vote! And if it happens many will say that it means nothing since McCain and Rudy have dropped out. You and I both know better don’t we? It will be huge. What with Romney’s millions and your measly few hundred thousand. Put everything you’ve got into it . Rent out the top floor of the Days Inn in Des Moines and live there till after the poll. Hock your bass boat. Whatever it takes.

Next. Your website. Such a valuable resource that is not being utilized to its max effectiveness! I viewed your site on 7/10 and the front page still had your cute little Grand Daughter giving us a July 4th message. Cute yes but the site needs to be updated daily with something new. Example. Recent China trade in the news. Poison products consumed by American consumers. The trade deficit spiraling up. Obama and Hillary talking tough (johnny-come-lately’s both). Who was the 1st in exposing the unfair trading practices of the Chinese? That’s right. Duncan Hunter. You own that issue, Duncan! Quit letting others hijack your issues, ok? So you’re being systematically “blocked” by the MSM. Given no credit. You must use your website to counter this blockade. Transform your site into sort of a Duncan Hunter news blog. You need to write/publish short daily articles for your front page. Or at least bi-weekly. Collect as much new video as possible. Have a weekly web radio program; “Sunday Afternoon with Duncan” maybe? Talk about other issues . Folks know where you stand on the fence, illegal immigration, the GWOT, etc. And they love you for it. But they want to know where you stand on such issues as the man-made global warming myth, the U.N., foreign relations w/specific nations such as Mexico, Russia, Old/New Europe, Pacific Rim, domestic issues, etc. Let me ad one criticism here – I believe that you are putting all (or too many) of your eggs into the “GOP Debates” basket. Of all the debater’s you get asked the least number of questions and get the least amount of “face” time. I don’t know if its intentional or unintentional but you are being blocked to a certain extent for one reason or another. So, again, better utilize your website to counter this! Get and stay involved with your site on a daily basis.

Ok. Next we’re going in a little deep here. Are you with me Duncan? Because this is the single most important bit of advice I have to give. You must completely dispel the Nativist brand/label. If you fail at this – you lose. You must be aggressive about this and go on the offensive – now. Why? Because you will not only have the democrats trying to brand you a racist but also the U.S. Chamber/WSJ wing of the GOP will throw these accusation bombs at you. How do you stop this? You must proclaim that you are the true Pro-Immigration Candidate. Legal, orderly, fair and selective immigration. And I emphasize selective. Recognize the hard fact that we do need a certain number of foreign workers here in this prosperous nation to fill some jobs. Go hard after the Non-Hispanic naturalized American citizen voting blocks. Plural – there are several voting blocks within this category. Emphasize the unfairness of illegal immigration and how it hurts them the most. And their loved ones that are trying to get here legally on work-visa’s, etc. And that the disproportionate number of illegal’s streaming across the southern border drastically reduces the number of legal visa’s handed out. Drastically! That is undisputable. Duncan, go to the websites of your favorite cable tv company. Select “International”. You’ll see a plethora of different struggling little foreign language tv stations/networks like Korean, Philippine, Ukrainian etc. that would be so happy to sell you some air time to make your case. There is a way to sort out/identify each of these different voting blocks, produce a recorded message, etc. specifically for each block/group and then get that message directly to them. Its easier now than its ever been. And fairly inexpensive.

Two more major voting blocks that are mostly ignored by both parties. First, non-union blue collar workers. The unrepresented ones. The ones who cheered Reagan after the Patco strike. These are Reagan democrats. They should all belong to you and will if you opt to claim them. If you aggressively recognize and pursue them they will know and they will respond. Also, the union rank and file. Not the union leadership or hierarchy. But those paying the monthly dues. They know that the invasion of illegal immigrants is certainly driving down their wages and they are not happy about it. They may wear a “Vote for Hillary” campaign button but when they go into the booth they’ll pull the lever for Hunter. They know what side their bread is buttered on. That is, if they know that you have recognized and pursued them. Recognition and Pursuit of all the afore mentioned (and ignored) voting blocks is essential. Letting them know that you are aware of them and that you care. This is what both parties have totally lost site of. Because it’s hard work and they’ve become fat, dumb & lazy.

My last voting block (you’ll think I’ve lost my marbles) – pursuit of the [over rated] Hispanic vote. Full circle. Yes, 20-25% is possible. Believe it. Hispanic Americans. Most are Catholic or Evangelical. And will not want to support a political party that promotes the monstrous practice of Late Term Abortion. And they must be reminded firmly and forcefully of that reality if they are considering a vote for the democrats. That will take courage. And I ask, don’t lower wages, over crowded schools & hospitals [caused by illegal immigration] negatively affect Hispanic American families, too? What about Hispanic American families like the Ramos family? The Compean’s? The Gilmer Hernandez family? Think they and other like minded Hispanic Americans might cast a vote for Duncan Hunter?

Well Duncan I’ve more and I’d like to go on but I’m trying to keep this at or about 1200 words. And I fear I’ve already gone over that. Lets chat another time. Darvin Dowdy

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