OK that was not the exact quote from the old Dell TV ad, but it is close enough. I have lost count of how many computers I have used over the years. For decades I built my own, usually from the ever growing ‘junk pile’ that a computer geek accumulates.

These days I have lost interest in tinkering and use ‘off the shelf’ solutions. Computers are just a tool. My weapons of choice are Dell’s, I have 2 laptops and my wife has a desktop.

On July 4th my main lap top took a dive. It has been a sulky beast since I got it in January. I just assumed that the crashes were due to Windows 10 rather than the hardware. System freezes became a daily adventure. I merely thought that the freezes were an undocumented feature. On July 4th the beast crashed 6 times and then refused to even power on.

I decided to do the unthinkable, call tech support. I was amazed, I was not put on hold for 30 mins and transferred to a call center in India. The operator asked me for my name and the tag number on the bottom of the broken beast.

It was a quick conversation, the bottom line, because it was July 4th they could not get a tech to come out until July 6th.  Hey, that is better than shipping the thing to Nebraska for 4 months!

July 5th, I received an email that the part(s) had been shipped.

July 6:  9am email that everything was on track and I should expect a call before 1pm.

10am email  saying that the tech had the part

10:45 phone call from tech saying that he hoped to be on site at 11:30

11:00 phone call from tech saying that it would be 12:00

12:00 tech on site

1:30 Motherboard  replaced (a task I would not have enjoyed) and computer working great

I cannot praise Dell enough. No fuss no muss, just great service. That is such a rare thing in these modern times. So the ad was true “Hey dude your getting a Dell” is indeed a great statement!

Simon Barrett

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