A baby’s mother left her child with her two younger brothers while she went off to work. The 13 and 10 year-old boys wandered off, leaving the front door ajar. The baby crawled out on to the balcony of their Shadow Wood condominium in Denver, Colorado. The baby enjoyed the three story high view a little too much, and before long she found herself clinging to the railing for her life. Nobody knows for sure how she got herself in the position, but she managed to get a hold of the railing with one hand, while the rest of her body hovered over the ground below. Mary Bussey and her son were on their way to his football game when Bussey noticed the magnitude of the situation. Rather than allowing the situation to unfold into a tragedy, she positioned herself below the baby just in time. The baby released her grip of the railing and fell three stories, right into Mary Bussey’s arms.

Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman thanked Mary Bussey and her son by providing them with movie and dinner passes, baseball caps filled with candy, and framed letters of commendation. Police declined to reveal the identity of both the baby and her mother, for they are both juveniles.

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