A few months ago I was talking to a good friend and he made the observation “The Tea party is the best thing that the Democrats have going for them”. Indeed he may be correct!

Herman Cain seemed like a strong contender, he had all of the qualifications, Never answer a direct question with a yes or no. Much better to diffuse the bomb with obfuscation and waffle.

Of course no decent run at the presidency does not come without some glorious mud slinging.The mantra is vote for me because the other guy is an ass.

Herman Cain became the latest victim with the sexual abuse allegations and the nail in the coffin of a supposed more than a decade affair with some whack job. I am sure that the Supermarket tabloids have the pictures.

The Democrats must be loving this. They have no need to do anything, the GOP candidates seem bound and determined to do it to each other. In a rational world this seems irrational. One would think that the GOP would be united in the goal of regaining the White House. Rather they seem to prefer bickering amongst themselves.

Of course they do not keep the bickering private, they much prefer to do it in public. It seems that almost everyday there is a Presidential Debate on TV. Note to CNN, more people watch reruns of Married With Children than watching these would be famous people self destruct.

Actually I think that ‘President Bundy’ has a nice ring to it. First lady Peg could push the Bon Bon cause to help solve the world food crisis. And they already have a great dog, Buck, so that issue is solved.

Maybe it is time that the GOP gave serious thoughts to Married With Children. Dump the soiled Tea Bags and get some fresh stuff.

Simon Barrett

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