May 14, 2007
Finally after ten years we’re making a dent in the balance of payments.  We’ve spent on consumer goods including housing and cars during this period.  Now the dollar is weak in comparison with many other currencies.  All of a sudden our manufactured stuff looks cheap to the newly affluent offshore.  We need it since our federal debt service is going to choke us unless we turn this page.  The income disparity between the truly wealthy and everyday everyman in the U.S. is now as wide as I’ve known.  Our infrastructure and armed forces are worn out.  I’m afraid we’ve outspent ourselves financially and emotionally.

It’s time to replenish whatever coffers the common wisdom sees as required.  This might include the Treasury and Healthcare and Education and Energy and Agriculture.  An assessment of our inventories will point out that we need to take care of any number of needs.  And we need to do it while keeping the national security intact.
Fortunately, our offshore neighbors have gotten rich in some cases and can now spend.  In attracting wealth, they have neglected infrastructure and environmental needs.  We’re good builders so they’ll contract with us to meet their needs in these areas as well as provide consumer goods and services for their new middle class.
If we raise the standard of living of the rest of the world while we take a breather, we may alleviate some percentage of the unrest factor.  It’s too simplistic for sure to see hundreds of years of differences resolved because a goodie basket is available to all, but greater income equality may be one of the start buttons.  I do believe the United States has become more of the equal melting pot over the past hundred years.  Maybe this is our chance to extend that progress offshore so that the U.S. military is not the primary presence the rest of the world sees out front.

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