An important breakthrough in the science world has shown that if you place a robot cockroach into an area with a bunch of normal cockroaches, the robot can influence the other roaches to move and hide.

Even when in the minority, robots can modulate the collective decision-making process and produce a global pattern not observed in their absence.

The trick is to coat the robot cockroach with a plastic that smells like a cockroach…they coat the robot with pheremones…which are chemicals that let insects communicate about things like territory, alarm, and Love… Apparantly, the little buggers don’t care what the lady looks like, as long as she smells like a hot little cockroach looking for a date.

Theoretically, this means in the future, you could introduce these amorous smelling cockroaches into your kitchen, and they could convince your roaches to enter a nice bright area where you could treat them with a non toxic method of destruction (e.g. step on them) rather than having to rely on toxic chemicals to kill them when theyhide in the tiny cracks of your walls and kitchen cabinets.bug

So forget about roach hotels: The roach killer of the future is RoboRoach…

Batteries not included….———————————————-

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. and yes, I know that the article in Science doesn’t tell us which pheremones were used.

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