In what must be a monumentally slow news day, more than 300 (according to Google) news organizations are running an article about the Maytag Repair Man. I hear you ask “where is the news value in that?”

Maytag as you may remember was bought out by the Whirlpool last year. Whirlpool is keen to re brand the Maytag image, and in an attempt to revitalize the product line they are looking for a replacement for the iconic Maytag Repair Man currently played by actor Hardy Rawls, whose contract is not being renewed.

The casting call went out, and just over 200 would be Maytag Repair Men went through their paces to get ‘the loneliest job in the world’. The auditions have been held in Los Angeles and Chicago. But don’t worry if you missed them, you can still make the New York session which is being held on Friday.

One report claimed that people from such diverse backgrounds as  a bus driver, a police officer, a stockbroker, a landlord, a construction worker — and a professional football player, all donned the trademark cap in the hope of becoming the next prime time star.

Whirlpool officials told reporters that the new Maytag Repair man needs to be young at heart and energetic. Interestingly enough, a number of genuine Maytag Repair Men also auditioned for the part.

One version of this hot news item can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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