Pickin’ Up the Pieces Relief Corps has a chance to help build new homes for two families made homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, that Hurricane Katrina. Almost two years ago.

Pickin’ Up the Pieces has a donor lined up to purchase materials for the house — but the donation has strings.

The money has to be claimed by the end of June (next month!), and the houses have to be completed by the end of August.

Phew. No time even to complain.

By the time their new homes are built, these two families will have been two years without their own home.

You can help Pickin’ Up the Pieces help the families to pick up the pieces.

What’s needed?

Skilled and unskilled workers:

In order to accomplish this, we need volunteer groups to travel to Mississippi for week-long work trips, beginning in June. We can’t do this alone – we need your help: as volunteers, as recruiters of other volunteers, and as trip leaders.

Want to see the families you’ll be helping? Click through for photos and background information.

Want to help?

Email Linda Edwards at linda@pickinupthepieces.org.

Or telephone her at (912) 429-4220.

For more information on Gulf Coast recovery generally, check out the Carnival of Hurricane Relief and the CoHR Squidoo Lens.

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