Veronica Guzman, age 19, is missing.

The sophomore at the California State University in Chico, CA was last seen leaving class on February 19, 2007. Neither Veronica nor her vehicle, a green 1999 Honda CRV, have been seen since then.

Veronica lived with her family in Biggs, over 25 miles from Chico State. When she didn’t call the evening of the 19th and calls to her own phone went to voice mail, the Guzmans were alarmed.

A task force has been created to look into the nearly-week-old disappearance. The task force is made up of investigators from the Gridley-Biggs police, California State University, Chico Police Department and the Butte County District Attorney’s office. Additionally, a website has been created to help in the search for the 5’4″ sociology major, and her family is offering a $15,000 reward.

Police have said that they consider the circumstances surrounding Veronica’s disappearance “very suspicious.”

Typically, that sort of talk from cops is code for suspicion that Veronica was not the cause of her disappearance.

Veronica Guzman’s MySpace page reveals an energetic personality and a quirky sense of humor. A portion of what she posted in the “About Me” section:

I’m a stubborn chick, with a wack sense of humor. I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain… sometimes. Except in Mexico during the summer, cause that rain will kill you! they’re like granades or something. You best run for cover from that…
…I was born in Penjamo,Guanajuato,Mexico(Google that and get familiar),raised in Biggs, California to my great luck. ‘Cause this is where it’s at. If you’re in some other state, well I’m sorry. Your state probably sucks, and you wish you were in California.
…I like to make people laugh. I love it when people make me laugh. So tell me a joke. Or fall on your face, that’s always funny, sorry but it is. You’d laugh if it wasn’t you.or let’s watch Reno 911 together…

In her blog attached to her MySpace profile, Veronica once made a list of things she liked. Some of them showed a cheery, silly side:

38-things in black and white: like movies and pictures and dreams
39-ooo dreams are sometimes good
40-things and people that are good
41- Doing things that are bad, just because WATEVER, I DO WT I WANT! Joke, jk
42-i love Lucy… Bewitched was good too. But I don’t really love bewitched…

MySpace has become in many missing persons cases a place where people express their worries for the friend or loved one who has vanished. That is certainly the case where Veronica Guzman’s profile is concerned. On February 21st the messages began. A friend named Carrie expressed the most typical concerns: “Where did you go? Everyone is worried about you. I’m worried about you. I hope you get home safely and that you are o.k.. I love you Veronica!”
has details about what Veronica was wearing when she vanished as well as info about her vehicle. If you think you know anything about her disappearance, the contact page is here.

With wall-to-wall coverage of the Anna Nicole story continuing unabated, it seems unlikely that this particular missing young woman’s case will get the exposure it really should receive in the mainstream media.

There appears to be no logical reason for Veronica Guzman to have disappeared. It’s obvious that law enforcement in the area where she lived and attended school think so.

Authorities in Biggs, CA will hold a press conference about this case on Tuesday afternoon.

Steve Huff is the author and creator of the popular True Crime Blog.

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