By Honey Gillard
Every year 1000’s of Australian’s come together and march for the ‘Walk Against Warming’.

 The annual ‘Walk Against Warming’ rallies are held to help to get the government and industries to lower their greenhouse gas emissions.
So you ask why the walk? Well the concept of it is pretty simple – we are already aware that a vast majority of Australians are concerned about the impacts that climate change is going to have on out planet – as well as the impacts that have already been noticed. The 750m walk is a time for the community get out there and show their support for action being taking on the issue of climate change. IT is also an occasion for people to learn more about how they can further engage on the issue in the future – and help create a better future for us all.

Last year, the leading march was in Sydney, as thousands of people united together and marched from Martin Place to the Botanical Gardens. Campaigners opposed to coal and nuclear power and are calling for the Government to adopt more solar and renewable energy sources.
You see, unfortunately the actions of individuals in their own homes just won’t be enough to stop global warming.  Governments, industries and the community all have to work together if we are to see real cutbacks in greenhouse gas emissions – which is very necessary if we want to avoid dangerous climate change taking place. To lower these emission we need laws put in place that make sure more of our electricity comes from environmentally-friendly and renewable resources such as wind and solar and that we gradually take less power from polluting fuels like coal. The same can be said for the petrol in our cars.
So to build a better future for us all, as well as the unborn we need to not only do all we can to reduce the extreme amount of CO2 emissions in our home but we also need to encourage industries and the government to get on the boat and sail with us to a better world; a better future.
This statement was issued concerning the walk:
“We’re calling for mums and dads, kids, friends and groups? Anyone who is concerned about climate change but didn’t know what to do about it – to come along for a fun afternoon and join thousands around the world as part of the international day of action on climate change.”
It’s now up to each and every one of us to ensure that the walk lasts well into tomorrow and beyond by compelling politicians to do much more to help cool our globe.
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