The owner of an Oregon retirement home, along with contractors that worked on a remodeling project at the site in 2006, have been fined nearly sixty five thousand dollars between them after it was found that asbestos had been mishandled at the site. Asbestos is a known carcinogenic that can cause asbestos related cancer and other health problems through exposure to its airborne dust and fibers.

According to state officials resident at the West Salem retirement home may have been exposed to airborne dust and fibers as a result of the mishandling of the deadly substance. According to an investigator with the Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) exposure to residents at the home cannot be ruled out.

Two contractors and the owner of the home will now have to pay the fines that were imposed for these asbestos violations. The violations include failure to perform a risk assessment prior to tearing down a drywall.

It was found that contractors had cut into the walls, which contained asbestos, and then left the debris out in the open, where it was able to release dust and fibers into the air.

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