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‘Brokeback Mountain’ actor Heath Ledger is establishing his very own record label – and has already signed up his first potential singing sensation – Grace Woodroofe.
Ledger has teamed up with music marvel Ben Harper to start Masses Music Co. Though the location of the company being set up in LA, may be misleading, Ledger has stretched his arm farther than Mr. Fantastic, to his original roots in Australia and has brought a singer/songwriter by the name of Grace Woodroofe from Perth, WA to LA – giving her a glimpse of the spotlight. Grace is to be Masses Music Co.’s first client.
Last Wednesday, Ledger got to work directing and shooting Grace’s first video clip to her first song; a cover of David Bowie’s Quicksand. 
Grace describes her style as ‘indie blues’ and yesterday, recorded with Ben Harper. The 17-year-old is fresh out of school and riding a wild and spontaneous rollercoaster.
Woodroofe will comeback to Perth in two weeks, in order to begin her Year 12 education. Grqace has spoke out about her recent experiences saying:
“It’s just been incredible, completely mind blowing. Heath’s really into music and he knows what he’s talking about — he’s my manager but he’s more like my big brother.”
Ledger took the young girl to Sunset Strip music institution Amoeba Records on Wednesday night, as well as inviting her to a celeb-studded party at his Hollywood Hills home earlier last week.

Grace met Ledger through her schoolmate, who just happens to be Ledger’s sister. Its’s a small, small wold after all.
Ledger reports that the launch of The Masses Music Co will be in the mid-year in LA, but there will be no red’carpet rollingg out. Leder’s spoksperson has claimed that Ledger wants both the label and launch to be low-key.
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Sources: The Daily telegraph

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