Officials from the Chesapeake Health Department have claimed that students from the Crestwood Middle School are not in danger of developing health problems even though they were exposed to asbestos at the school for about a day and a half last week.

The director of the Chesapeake Health Department, Dr Nancy Welch, stated: “The good thing about asbestos is it takes a number of years of exposure to generally cause the kinds of illnesses or cancer that people are concerned about.”

Following the exposure the school was eventually evacuated and experts were called in so that the building could be cleaned up. Asbestos pipes were revealed in December whilst students were still off and workmen were working at the school.

When students returned to school after the holidays it was found that one out of six air quality tests that had been taken showed that there were elevated levels of asbestos in the air. Parent did not seem to be concerned about sending their children back to school, with one parent stating: “A bunch of us parents all called each other, and the only concern that I did hear was that they didn’t want their kids sitting in an auditorium for two hours on Tuesday.”

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