How many times do we have to tell you, don’t imitate video game violence or we will take your toys away!

The video game censorship argument is in the headlines again after two teens killed a 7 year-old girl earlier this month in Johnstown, Colorado. The teens admit to being intoxicated and practicing Mortal Kombat inspired martial arts on the child. In a statement to police, one of the suspects stated that he kicked her until she fell down and didn’t get back up.

The two teens were charged as adults in the case that took the life of the girl they were babysitting on Dec 6, 2007. “There is no such defense as, ‘The video game made me do it.’ It won’t even act as mitigation at sentencing if these teens are convicted,” legal analyst Scott Robinson stated regarding the situation.

If convicted, the teens face up to 48 years in prison for felony child abuse resulting in death. Among Zoe Garcia’s injuries were a broken wrist, bleeding in the neck, multiple bruises, and swelling of the brain. For such a brutal murder, it seems that 48 years is barely enough. Hopefully these two teens will meet someone in prison that tells them to, “GET OVER HERE!”

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