A Turkish-born Muslim German Green politician woman in Berlin is a “disgrace to mankind.” And she’s also a “Turkish Nazi”, too. At least she is if you want to believe what some Turkish newspapers have to write about her. And I don’t even want to know what the guys calling up with the death threats have to say about her.

So what’s all the excitement about? No, it’s not because she’s a staunch supporter of recycling. It’s much worse. This woman must have been frozen in an ice block for a few decades or something. They reanimated her too rapidly and obviously she wasn’t given enough time to adjust to the ever-global-warming political (as in correct) climate we live in these days: She actual believes that modern Turkish women living in Germany like herself should take off their head scarves!

Somebody check her fever. Her scarf must have been on too long too tight when she was a little girl. “The head scarf is a symbol of women’s oppression,” she says. I appeal to Muslim women,” she is quoted to have said in a newspaper article recently. “Arrive in the present day, arrive in Germany – you live here so take off the head scarf.”

Hello? Doesn’t she know that you can’t say stuff like that in this day and age? The walls have ears, uncovered ears that can hear everything you’re saying, lady.

But she’s been told not to worry, it seems. Although the death threats keep coming in, she is now under German police protection and getting big time support (not) (well, not enough) across the entire German political spectrum which only consists of two colors right now anyway (sounds like home).

Whew. For a second or two there I was worried.

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