While there has been quite the mix up in the entertainment industry in the past few weeks, one thing is for sure; HBO continues to go strong. The home entertainment provider has recently passed streaming entertainment giant Netflix by having longer viewing sessions on mobile apps. This means that when users sit down with HBO Go, they are staying on the site longer. This may have to due with the nature of longer content offered by HBO Go, but it also has to do with the already popular programming HBO offers.

Streaming companies like Netflix and Hulu have long been on the rise due to it’s ease and convenience, paired with the ability of accessing mobile apps. For HBO subscribers, this was not an option because there was no HBO mobile app. But now with providers like DirecTV that already have mobile apps as well as providing HBO services, the entertainment giant has been able to take their shown on the road, so to speak.

The data also concluded that, along with longer viewing sessions, HBO Go was also boasting 20 minute a day usage compared to Netflix’s 9. This is of course a number that can change on a month to month basis. Considering HBO’s popularity (which was demanding of an app long before it came out) these numbers do seem to be indicative of a more stable trend.

This isn’t too say that anyone should feel sorry for Netflix, as they, along with other media sites, have been slowly stealing cable and satellite customers. Especially after the Viacom debacle, these companies seemed to be coming up on top of the large traditional outlets. If anything, HBO and HBO Go are saving these traditional providers, as this is the only way to access HBO’s programming.

In the end, it seems that this trend might stay strong, but really it is leveling the playing field for traditional entertainment companies to finally compete with the streaming and mobile abilities of Netflix. Cable and satellite providers finally have something that they can hold over streaming companies’ heads, and that will keep them in the game, at least for now.

Jordan Mendys is an entertainment blogger and media professional from NC. He writes for HBO Watch, and you can follow him on Twitter @JPMendys.

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