One of the big problems with reviewing for TV is that often times you have mere hours to put a review together before it airs. That was the case with Dirty Driving – Thundercars Of Indiana. What amazed me were the comments that were left on what I would say was a very basic review. I had no time to get into a critical analysis.

Having read the comments left on the review, I decided to give the show a second spin. Had I made a huge mistake? Had I portrayed the show as something that is was not?

Nope, I have watched the show again, and I like it. There is nothing wrong with the people featured in it, sure they are a little obsessive, and maybe their language is slightly ripe, Oh, and a few of the featured stars are missing a tooth or two. But these minor flaws hardly are reason for some of the comments we received.

Where else would you see some guy bragging about how much his wife drinks, or a woman so foul mouthed that the clean word seemed to be the bad word slipping out

I can honestly say I have never seen such a collection of inbred gill people in my whole life and I found myself wondering why are people like this allowed to breed.

You can go to any town in the country and find stupid, toothless, redneck, inbreed, hillbillies who live like Neanderthals. That doesn’t represent the majority of the town.

I grew up in Anderson and it was dismal even when the jobs were there

As I said, I gave this one a second whirl on the DVD player. I saw nothing that I had not seen in real life. About 10 years ago I spent a lifetime (year) in Windsor, Ontario this very much is a Motor oriented city. All hail the mighty V8! I had just spent two weeks on the road, driving from San Diego to Detroit, ok, so I didn’t make it into the record books! My idea of a long drive is 200 miles and find a hotel with a bar. Anyway, I arrived in Windsor (the automotive capital of Canada) on a Sunday afternoon. The neon sign proclaimed Sports Bar, 21 Big Screen TV’s. Who could resist an offer like that?

OK, it was a sports bar (they sold chicken wings), and they did have 21 large TV’s, the only problem was that all 21 TV’s were tuned into car races. I was getting dizzy watching the truly pointless pursuit of driving a car round and round a small ring. I have many pet theories about sports, most of which I could not discuss here, but I think that auto racing would be a whole lot more exciting if the drivers had to alternate their direction every 5 laps. As in hang a u turn and go against the oncoming traffic. But thats just my pet theory. Basketball I would lower the net so it is 3 feet off the ground so everyone could play, and give all the players sticks! Oh my words of wisdom could go on forever.

If you missed the premiere showing on HBO, don’t worry they will be repeating it during the rest of November. Details are available on the HBO web site.

I am by no means a fan of auto racing, but this is a hugely entertaining look at a slice of true Americana. I also do not share the sentiments of the commenter’s, I do not think that Anderson is portrayed in a poor light, I think HBO took a very truthful look at a small sample of the towns auto racing fans.

Simon Barrett

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