Our country seems to have an epidemic going around playing with the lives of our innocent children. As I was reading the news this afternoon I came across another article warning the public about yet another little girl missing. An Amber Alert has not been issued but authorities have issued a missing child’s advisory for three year old Haylee Donathan.

She was last seen on May 28th in Crestline Ohio in Crawford County. Reports are that she was with her mother, Candace Watson and Robbi Potter. Now normally this wouldn’t seem to be a problem but authorities seems to think Haylee could be in danger according to the Ohio Missing Children Clearinghouse.

Investigators have discovered that Potter is a Tier III sex offender that had recently been released from prison and placed on parole. He has been living at a halfway house after he was convicted of sexual battery with a minor. Potter’s parole condition includes that he is barred from being with children. Now they have issued a warrant for this man’s arrest.

According to Crestline police, Candace Watson is fully aware of Potter being a convicted sex offender and she went off with him willingly, she has not been forced to go.

Potter is believed to be together with Watson and little Haylee at a private campground in Central Ohio but is thought to be heading towards the west coast.. They were last seen driving around in a blue or black 1988 Chevrolet pickup truck with Ohio plates CKX 6248 or EKB 3855 or with an expired temporary tag number Q 645 916which has been expired since November 2008. Watson is known for using different license plates on the vehicle.

The mother, Candace Watson is described as 24 years old with brown shoulder length hair, 5 ft 1 in tall and weighs about 170 lbs.

Potter is said to be 27 years old with short brown hair. He is 6 ft tall and he weighs about 200 lbs. He does have tattoos on both arms. On the right arm he has a dream catcher and angel. Then on his left arm he has tattoo’s of a cross, angel, clouds and the name Naomi.

Haylee is three years old and she has brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes. She weighs about 37 lbs.

I pray that this little girl is ok with her mother but I fear for her being with a sex offender. Being around him can’t lead to anything good.

I do not understand how all these mothers can possibly not see the danger they are putting their children in by allowing a sex offender to be around them. This day and time we have the news everywhere we look. It is on TV, on the radios, in the newspapers and there are warnings all over the internet. How come they don’t take notice of all these warnings?

I wrote an article yesterday about the laws needing to be changed. If a sex offender is caught and found guilty in a court of law and thrown in jail, they should do so but make it clear that they are NEVER to be released again. They do not deserve their freedom especially if it is with a child.

Please everyone say a prayer for this little girl for her to be found, safe and unharmed by her mother and this man. Maybe the mother feels her daughter is safe around this man but I know I would never trust a man that has been found guilty of a sex crime with a minor, but apparently not all women feel that way. Now I have to ask am I wrong here? Or do I have reason to be suspicious? I know my answer but am I the only one that feels this way?

Jan Barrett

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