hayden_panettiere1 By Honey Gillard

Hayden Panettiere no longer wants you to “save the cheerleader”, instead she wants YOUR help to “save the whales”.

Just one-year after the ‘Heroes’ star stirred up much trouble in Japan by partaking in various anti-whaling rallies and initiatives, the actress has got back on ‘anti-whaling’ boat, this time asking for you to also jump on board.

The 19-year-old star revealed in an online video: “As my one-year anniversary trip to Japan to save the whales nears, I have decided to go about things a little differently. This time around, I need everyone’s help.”

The ‘Heroes’ star went further to explain that she hopes to collect 1,000,000 signatures for the ‘Whaleman Foundation petition’, which will help “to enforce the current global whaling moratorium.

Panettiere continued: “I am trying to gather 1,000,000 signatures on SocialVibe.com for the exclusive Whaleman Foundation petition. The goal is to stop all commercial whaling and lethal scientific research whaling by Japan, Norway, Iceland, and to enforce the current global whaling moratorium. This petition will be taken to the June 2009 meeting of The International Whaling Commission, where the petition will be personally delivered by me!”

“Please take 2 minutes of your day to go to SocialVibe.com, sign up, pick Whaleman Foundation as your cause, and add SocialVibe to your MySpace, Facebook, blog, etc. While there please sign the Whaleman petition. That’s it. Please pass this video along to your family and friends. If we help each other out, we can do this! Thank you SO much!”

In addition this latest online initiative, Panettiere has also been working the States, spreading the ‘anti-whaling’ morale. Last weekend, the 19-year-old cruised down to D.C to form a giant whale with with hundreds of other supporters in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Be sure to head over to Social Vibe to sign the petition!

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