Lets face it, we all have blah days. Nothing seems to be going the way it should. So what can you do about it? Well give yourself an award. You have many options, the chances are that your local mall has a store that sells small statues and plaques that can be engraved with some young T-ball players name. The average young person loves them. They can be proudly displayed on a shelf in their bedroom.


At $8.99 you really have a great deal! It is 10 inches high and can be engraved.

But, if you are an adult, displaying a T-ball MVP award in your office hardly gives off the awe of professionalism that inspires customers!

Fear not, there is a solution. More adult items are available from American Registry. These wall mounted plaques are a thing of wonder. Lets face it, who would not be proud of displaying this on their office wall?

It looks legit, it looks serious. But is it?

I was having a blah day so I called American Registry. They were amazingly helpful. ‘Oh no’, the helpful customer agent told me ‘We don’t give out the awards, we just sell them’. The bottom line is that American Registry could not care less about the validity, merely the order and payment.

So you are just like the trophy store in the mall? “yup, but we have better products”.

Hmm, I don’t know if I want to award myself the Nobel Peace Prize, an Oscar, or what!

My advice is to be very wary of awards put on peoples office walls. It might just have been bought online.

Simon Barrett

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