On September 10, 2001, I never dreamed of the United States being attacked as it was on September 11, 2001. For many people like me it was a harsh wake-up to reality. Over the years since 9/11 the question keeps coming up, mostly from politicians, ‘do you feel safer now’. My answer is a very loud ‘yes’ if we are referring to attacks from outside the United States. If the question refers to attacks from within the United States, my answer is increasingly becoming a very loud NO. The reason is very simple, we are asking for it with our politically correct, multicultural fear of saying or doing anything that might offend Islam.

Our enemy just has to sit back and wait a few years, until we allow Islam to get it’s roots fully dug into our culture here on American soil. My friend Always on Watch brought this to my attention, Islamicizing Christmas (Hat tip to Nanc):

Have yourself a Muslim little Christmas

From the December 16, 2006 edition of the Tennessean (image found here):Gov. Phil Bredesen [Democrat, Tennessee] has given an unusual twist to his family’s Christmas card: He is marking a Christian holiday with a card depicting a Muslim girl.

The card’s cover is a print of a painting by the governor of a young woman he met when he toured Afghanistan in March.

For Christ’s sake, it is CHRISTMAS! What is this Tennessee man thinking. He is just proving what a nice little dhimmi he is. He has surrendered without a fight. 

A local conservative Christian minister also wasn’t sure [of the intended message of the governor’s card].”If he is saying Christmas is about honoring all religions, I don’t agree,” said the Rev. Maury Davis of Cornerstone Church in Madison. source

I don’t agree either. But Bredesen didn’t even make Muslims happy with his Islamic Christmas card, as AOW points out:

And at least one Muslim has criticized the card. In happy-holiday wishes for Christians, Khaled Sakalla, spokesman for the Islamic Center of Nashville, has voiced criticism of the card: …[I]f the governor saw a Muslim woman in Afghanistan as depicted — with her head partially uncovered — that’s not the Muslim dress code.”Women shouldn’t have their faces fully covered, nor should they have their hair half-uncovered,” Sakalla said.

Bear Creek Ledger, who is also in Tennessee, says: 


Looks to me like he’s using a Christian holiday to pander to a religion that has nothing to do with Christmas. Why not put a Menorah on the card then?

Bredesen and his ilk need to listen to Rick Santorum. Mr. Santorum understands the threat we are against from Islam. The HILL Chronicles has audio of Mr. Santorum’s ‘farewell speech’ and text can be read here. He calls the enemy ‘evil’ and he recognizes their goal, ‘a world without America and Zionism’. 

Is that goal possible? Yes, if we continue to submit inch-by-inch here inside America. Mr. Santorum quotes Bernard Lewis who said: “…that the oddity in particular of the Arab and Middle Eastern Islamic world is that the more we have strong relations with the government in an Arab Muslim country the more the people of that country hate us; and the more that we stand up and confront leadership of those countries the more the people like us.”

The enemy thrives on the weakness of it’s enemy. When Americans are weak and submissive it only enables the enemy to win this war. Trying to negotiate with Syria and Iran is a sign of weakness. They do not want to negotiate, they will not give up anything. North Korea knows what they are doing. Every time they have a little nuclear hissy-fit, we give them something. We show weakness.

We let Hugo Chavez come here in our home and slap us in the face. Weakness on our part. We tell Hamas ‘no more money’ until you recognize Israel’s right to exist. Then we turn around and give them money. Weakness again.

Hezbollah may right now have established bases in Venezuela which have issued thousands of visas to people from places such as Cuba and the Middle East, possibly giving them passports to a vague United States border security…. with the help of Venezuela, Cuba and China are now exploring for oil within 50 miles of the coast of the United States, while the Senate blocks a measure to allow us to explore for oil within 100 miles of our own shore. So while China, Cuba, and Venezuela draw oil from our shores, we stand idly by and let them do it to arm against us. source

Again we show weakness and the enemy takes advantage. We have cowards and traitors in our midst calling themselves politicians and patriots. This week we have a military build up in the Gulf, but our government was quick to reassure Tehran that we have no intention of attacking them or starting a war. I thought having a military presence was supposed to put the fear of God into our enemies. I guess I was wrong.

We worry about Iran with nuclear bombs, but my friend says, “With Pakistan and Russia selling the technology to all comers and Iran making all effort to get The Bomb, the Islamists have the Bomb.”

Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Algeria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Israel, Libya, China and Britain all either possess or are persuing nuclear weapons.Nuclear technology and weaponry has had 61 years to spread around the world. source

We allow CAIR to determine what we can say and do about Islam in this country. We allow rogue imams to set what security measures we take on our passenger jets. We’re afraid of offending anyone and we pur security in second place over political correctness.

Do I feel safer today? No, not from what is taking place inside our borders. Wake up folks. There is nothing accidental about what’s going on. It is all written in the book, the Koran. It has been practiced for centuries. Wake up. Take back America from the PC police, from the ‘we must not offend Islam or Muslims’ crowd. We are a Christian nation and we can’t even celebrate the birth of our savior without putting a Muslim on our Christmas cards? The White House can’t send out an official card with the word Christmas on it? Just bend over and kiss America good-bye.

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