zac1.jpgThis coming Thursday, June 24th will make one full year since 26 year old Zachary D. Pittman disappeared. Zachary was born November 29, 1983. According to reports given he was last seen at his home at 35333 Mockingbird Loop after a dispute from a member of his family in Pearl River, Louisiana on June 24th 2009.

Zachary should be easy to identify by the tattoos he has on his right shoulder and forearm which are said to be of the names of his children. He stands approximately 5 ft 10 in tall and was last seen wearing his hair close cut and he had a goatee. He was believed to have been wearing camouflage shorts with a dark colored T-shirt, either black or blue and it was said he had on a pair of flip flops.

Sad as it may be, the police claim that they do not have any reason to believe that foul play was involved. The family is aware that the possibility of Zachary no longer being with us is very likely. They do not think he just left town to never come back because he would never have left his daughter, who is 3 years old now and step-daughter, who is 4, behind. He also was very close to his mother. She said that he called her everyday and when he didn’t call her was there at her home.

zac-and-daughter.jpgZachary’s mother, Christy Ragas, has posted large signs all over the area where he was last seen. She has been working hard to get help in finding her son as much today as she was when he first disappeared. My husband and I talked to Christy this morning and we were told the story about what happened in her words, and she shared her thoughts about what could have happened. She is rightfully frustrated by always coming to a dead end when she gets leads or being told that everything is being done that can be, yet her son has still not been found.

Please if anyone has any information about what happened to Zachary on the night of June 24, 2009 please call it in. If you don’t want to call the sheriff’s office you can get in touch with me at and I will get the message to the right person for you. If not, please contact Detective Corey Crowe at the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Department at 985-726-7836.

zachary-d-pittmanzachary-with-his-daughter.JPGSimon and I are going to start covering this case to try to keep it from going to the cold case files. This family deserves to find the truth so they can have some sort of closure here. His daughter needs to know what happened to her Daddy. Today is Father’s Day and she should be celebrating it with her father. So please help if you can or if you know even a small detail to this case.

My heart goes out to Christy and her family. May God be with you all and help you to be strong until you can find the closure you desperately need. My prayers are with you all.

On Thursday which is the date marking one year that Zachary went missing, my brother is planning on sending out a message on his Facebook asking everyone to forward it to everyone on their Facebook. This is being done in hopes that someone will see it that knows something and be willing to come forth with what they know. I do plan to forward mine when it comes to me. So please help us find this young man. His family needs him.

Jan Barrett

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