At the mere mention of country music my eyes glaze over. I am not a fan, all those tumbling tumble weeds, those broken pickup trucks, the eternal search for the missing dog/wife/girlfriend, it is just something I do not like!

My wife on the other hand loves this stuff, and she informed me that Crystal Gayle’s bus had been stolen. I asked “who is Crystal Gayle honey”?

Well apparently Crystal is Loretta Lynn’s sister. Of course this means absolutely nothing to me; I would not know either of them if they came up and smacked me on the nose!

According to CMT, Crystal has had some problems with her tour bus.

I have never been able to figure out why Country and Western singers ride the bus, while everyone else uses airplanes. I guess it is a cultural thing, just like in the movie Home Alone where the mother rides with the Polka band.

Anyway, there is great story out of Tennessee. Apparently a convicted felon, Christopher Daniel Gay managed to escape from authorities by requesting a ‘bathroom break’. The article is not very clear about how going for a pee helped in the escape, but I am sure that it is a good story!

According to Mr. Gay made his initial getaway in a pickup truck, then stole an 18 wheeler from a Wal-Mart, and finally took off in Crystal Gayle’s tour bus. Which apparently is still missing!

This sounds more like a country and western song than a news story!

I must admit that this was a hard story to write. I used CMT as the source. The story is so badly written, there is no use of punctuation or formatting, so is it a bit of a challenge to read. But funny it is!

Simon Barrett






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