baby-lisa.jpgOn October 4, 2011 Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin say their 10 month old daughter, Lisa Irwin was taken from her crib and has not been seen since. Unfortunately though due to the inconsistencies of their stories about what happened that day along with their refusal to cooperate with the investigation they have been placed under a suspicion by police and the public as well.

TV’s host and creator of America’s Most Wanted show, John Walsh featured a segment on Baby Lisa Friday. Walsh criticized the child’s parents for their lack of cooperation. “They should cooperate with police fully. They should do all the media they can and they should remember one thing — if they had nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance, they need to be the face of baby Lisa,” said Walsh.

Since their daughter’s disappearance the parents have hired an attorney, they have stopped talking to the press, they have not been involved in any of the searches and just recently they have announced that they no longer want the prayer vigils held in their yard for their daughter.

Deborah and Jeremy say they just want to move on with their lives. They want their lives back to normal and they say the vigils are upsetting the baby’s half-brothers. Jeremy’s sister, Ashley Irwin, says that they have not asked that the vigil’s stop, they are only asking that they take place away from their home. She said, “The focus had totally shifted and it just wasn’t about Lisa anymore.”

Ashley Irwin also claims that gossip and troublemakers are to blame for this. She said, “Some of those involved in the prayer vigils created unnecessary drama.” This due to the fact that people are mad with Deborah because she is so suspicious in Baby Lisa’s disappearance, but who can blame the people. After all Deborah did fail a polygraph test and reports are that cadaver dogs indicated a positive scent of a deceased human on the floor near the parents bed in their home.

I have never had to experience losing a child in this manner, thank the good Lord, but I do know if I were in their shoes I would never ever give up looking for my child, especially after only two months.

Marc Klass’s 12 year old daughter Polly was also abducted from her bedroom. Marc begged the police to give him a polygraph test and to do whatever it took to clear his name right away so they could get back to finding his daughter, who sadly was later found murdered.

Marc had to ask on his blog, “How normal can life be if your home has been broken into, your infant has been kidnapped and remains missing and your other children are left to believe that an evil boogeyman who has already stolen your sister remains at large?”

It makes a huge difference to volunteers who assist in searches for missing children for the parents of the child to support them and assist in any way possible. Klass said, “Volunteers who are invested in the safe return of Baby Lisa need support from the family, not indifference or condemnation, yet they have been blown off by Jeremy and Deborah.”

Marc told Deborah and Jeremy, “If your lawyer and not your heart speak on your behalf then your sense of normal probably belongs in a courtroom, not a living room. If you can convince yourself that a return to normal means that there should be no more vigils on your front lawn then you are either in denial or something more sinister is afoot.”

I am in total agreement with Marc. Something is just not right here. How can any parent not want to be involved? How can they possibly be thinking of moving on and getting their lives back to normal this soon? How come Jeremy and Deborah are not at the police station fighting to get their daughter back?

An Anonymous donor has offered a reward in the amount of $100,000 for the safe return of Baby Lisa or for information that leads to a conviction of her abductor. Anyone with information about what happened to the child or anything about who took her are urged to call the TIP Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

I pray for this baby. I don’t have any idea if she is alive and well or if someone has done something awful to her but I pray she will be found soon. She is a precious child. Please God watch over her.

Jan Barrett

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