Today is Ash Wednesday and the penitential season of Lent is again with us. Traditionally the season recalls a period of penitential observances in our sacred rituals. We actively participate in fasting, abstinence and other devotions such as Stations of the Cross that help all of us journey through this contemplative and austere period of the Church’s liturgical year. For my part, the hues of liturgical purple are welcome changes for my sensual perceptions our Sacred Liturgies. However one thing my Lenten contemplation will involve this year includes praying for not only personal and global penance, but the universal need by all Catholics towards constant conversion and reconciliation.

Lent is such a great transitional period. The 40 days devoted to this time of the Church’s worship are perhaps the most deeply attuned with the entire notion of metanoia. Radical conversion requires radical introspection and commitment to the Catholic inspired cause. Globally, the Church is on the edge of participating in a new and radical transformation of the Gospel message through the life and sacramental ministry of the Church. As members of this Body of Christ, our goals and ambitions need to have the same direction as our Catholic Church…radical transformation in light of the message of the Gospels.

Daily there exist platonic struggles that most people, even Catholics do not recognize in which they are participants. Namely the constant role of adversity between good and evil, light and darkness, Jesus and Evil etcetera plagues us as fervent believers in Christ Jesus. This Lenten season offers an opportunity for all of us to make an unquestionable commitment towards an enhancement of God’s Kingdom. Reaffirm truly Catholic teachings and practices, make a Catholic stand against trends that destroy sacramental unity and harmony and try to live everyday as part of the Lenten call to conversion, repentance and renewal in Jesus Christ.

In a secular society, we at times bemoan the call directed to all of us to become faithful participants in the development of the Kingdom of God. Our call however as Catholics insists that we proclaim the Mystery of faith to a global community often tragically divided by secular ideologies and humanistic philosophies. Lets use Lent as an invitation to all peoples, creeds and cultures as the embryonic sacred moment that draws all of us into a new reality in Christ Jesus!
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