With one n, mind you. Well-known national newscaster and bestselling book author Eva Herman seems to have enraged politically correct German womanhood so much that she is now being accused of being a nasty little Nazi Schatzi (sweety).Of course this isn’t all that out of the ordinary here, folks. Any German who touches a holy cow grazing left of center in Germany always gets called a Nazi eventually. Or does grazing in the center count now, too?

But what holy cow did she dare to touch? She has written a book entitled “The Eva Principle, An Answer to Feminism?” in which she encourages German women to choose motherhood over “emancipation” and hard-charging careers. Feminism? Emancipation? Hmmm, I must have missed something again. Up until this morning I thought we were living in the year or Our Madame Chancellor 2007.

Anyway, that a lot of women might flip out at this is perfectly understandable. First of all, Frau Herman is the perfect image of the super-successful and hard-charging career woman she is advising them not to become. It’s easy to ask other to deny themselves the things that you already have. But more interesting, I find, is the emotional and rather irrational reaction. That tells me that she must have hit a nerve there somewhere. After all, that there are a lot of disillusioned career women out there (funny how nobody seems interested in the disillusioned career men), and that many of them have “found salvation” in motherhood, well, that’s a dirty little non-secret that nobody is allowed to admit to – too loudly.

Of course she is also proposing all of this homemaking, cake-baking and child-rearing stuff as an argument to “save” a country with one of Europe’s lowest birth rates. This is, I feel, where any of her credibility goes down stream. Anybody who has ever lived here awhile, especially somebody who reads the news, must certainly know by know that nothing is ever going to increase the birthrate in Germany. That’s a done deal, Evchen.

So calm down ladies and get back to work already. Eva’s not going to put you back to work again. Real work, I mean. You know, being a mother and all that?

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