By David Schussler


Hatred by any other name is still hatred. There are those who would mask the word hatred with “love”, or “jihad.” They say that to love God they must rid the world of infidels (those who do not believe or those who do not believe in their religious doctrines). Many people have been brought up in a society which imposes radical religious rules upon their populous. These oppressed people believe that intuition and free thinking is sacrilege. What they hate is the freedom to believe in freedom. The freedom to believe in what is in each individual’s own heart and mind. Nobody’s bible teaches hatred or intolerance. This is not just confined to Muslim radicals. Christians too have warred throughout history. Radical Christian beliefs have caused war in Ireland that still exists today. Jews and Muslims have been at war for centuries. The Crusades slaughtered many innocent peoples in the name of Christ. Wars were fought as pagan gods were pitted against a Hebrew God in heaven. Hatred was and is not a spiritually induced process, though. It is intellectually created. It is caused by ignorance and charismatic leadership and often a quest for wealth and power. Many people were made to believe that their race was better than an other, that their color was better than an other. If all people felt free to think for themselves and live according to their hearts and natural intuition, they would never come to a conclusion that would result in hatred.

The activities of terrorists around the world and the killing today in the Mideast is a result of learned hatred. Cannibals are more innocent than these religious zealot murderers. They kill for food. They don’t care what religion the person is, they kill if their prey looks tender and juicy regardless of beliefs. So, we can blame today’s hatreds on intellectual philosophy, that which we call civilized evolution.

Whether you believe in evolution or creation we have evolved to a malevolent period of time in our societal world. A world in which morality and the seeds of hatred are legislated by the government and preached from the pulpit. If people were allowed to be free, if people really allowed themselves to be free, there would be a greater understanding of hatred and how it has no place in our thinking. Our own Civil War was fought over beliefs that temporarily pitted brother against brother. A war about wealth and power that tangentially resulted in the freeing of a country and an oppressed race.

Tyrannical regimes are based on the hunger for wealth, power, and control. Much of the killing is not perpetrated by leaders out of hatred but the lack of respect for life as selfish goals are achieved. It is done tactically and thoughtfully to eliminate some people while creating fear in others. Those oppressed people generally respect life and sometimes fight and die for it but often surrender to protect themselves, their families and what little they have from complete annihilation. Their liberty is taken from them little by little until the only freedom they have left is to provide a little sustenance for themselves and wealth for the tyrants. Often “the church” will battle a tyrannical government only to win creating a new allegiance for people to follow, creating new factions and new fascist tribal regimes equally as oppressive. Our world is now divided as such. There are probably no cannibals left, (not many appetizing humans left) just religious and governmental tyrants with a few bastions of freedom in between.

There is no good to hatred. Hatred is evil. We must protect ourselves against evil. Somehow our own deeds have brought us to this place of brutality and incivility. The history of the purveyors of hate, their victim’s histories, our personal histories, and the history of civilization all have the same thing in common. Nothing can undo what has past. We all are responsible for our actions, and ultimately, justice will always prevail. We must not forget to pay attention to history and learn from it lest “we are doomed to re-live it.”

The hatred that exists today is and has been perpetuated through our youth via schooled doctrines. As youth we are taught to read and write. But, what are we reading and writing? It is ultimately important to pay attention to what is in the books that our children are learning to read from. Is hatred for others taught subliminally through our primers? It
is in some cultures. In our history and social studies books are our children being taught a biased version of what really has past as it is in many countries? We must reach the children of the world. Whole generations of youth are growing up trusting their parents, teachers, and clergy to teach them the truth,the unbiased truth. They go forth believing and fighting for what they think is right. Some break through their schooled misinformation and discover that they are free to think for themselves. Some visit other lands and find that there are more similarities than differences in their spiritual roots as they share their individual cultures (food, dance, music, etc.) Most though never get to travel but remain perhaps well educated in sciences, math, medicine, religion, etc., but ignorant of tolerance and freedom.

Thus we have it, a world full of ignorant intellectuals, clerics, farmers, craftsmen, etc. not capable of seeing that we are all of the same creation free to care for one another, to live without malice, and to enjoy the differences in us. If we could all just stop for a moment, squeeze our eyes shut and remember what it is like to look into a baby’s eyes, a lover’s eyes, a parents eyes …. remember the peace and trust of the moment and see that innocence in each other’s eyes while putting aside all of the brainwash of our educations.

We must be beholden to our intuition not a slave to someone else’s doctrines. We must be independent thinkers, not sheep, and learn from the past as we look forward to the future.

What we need is someone with a voice to speak some common sense to all peoples of the world in a simple language that would be understood by all. Not necessarily a leader, just a truthful person to represent the simple people as we seek to enjoy freedom and justice in a world benign of hatred.

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