King Abdulla says that we don’t need a two state solution to the problem of Israel, we need a 57 state solution.

57 states?

The king is referring to 57 “states” that have Muslim majorities.

All of this sounds fine, but I have a few questions.

Why should a country like Indonesia give a damn about Palestinians? They have no ethnicity in common, and they have a lot of their own problems.

Answer: Because Saudi funded madrases and Saudi funded/trained Imams are busy preaching a hatred of Israel in their mosques, along with trying to convince pious Indoy country folk whose Islam is an easy going Sufi variation that stresses love of God over rules that only a sour faced Saudi fundamentalism is true Islam.

One always feels sorry for the poor Palestinians still in “refugee camps”. A quarter million Palestinians fled for fear of Jewish pogroms in 1948.

But unlike millions of others who were displaced when new countries popped up or boundaries were redrawn after World war II, these refugees were not resettled elsewhere and integrated into their new homes. Instead, the Palestinians were kept as guinea pigs while nearby countries promised death to Israel, and tried to wipe out Israel over and over again.

So now again we hear that the only way to resolve the Palestinian problem is to grant the a “right of return” to their ancestor’s homes and farms.

Question:  will you also grant a “right of return” to the quarter million Jews who fled actual pogroms in Muslim countries since 1948? Will Jews who fled Algiers, Baghdad, and Tehran be given the right to the homes and businesses and farms that they lost?

Finally, will anyone in the Middle East admit that one reason that all these people hate Israel is that much of the local government-run TV, radio stations and newspapers are propaganda machines that spews out hatred of Israel?

You see, if you arrange to have your mass media teach hatred of Israel, you can displace anger against corruption of the government, the poor schools, the lack of jobs, and a lot of other problems that need to be solved.

Nowadays, with satellite dishes, blogs, internet cafes, and an independent Al Jazeera all allowing other points of views to get a hearing, all this Israel hatred ploy is not going to work forever, especially with a nuclear Iran waiting in the wings to revive their ancient Persian empire.

So, dear King, there is actually a window of opportunity for the Middle East to try to settle their problems. One hopes for the sake of the Palestinians that the nearby countries actually try to help them instead of pretending  they want peace while the politicians and the government run TV and radio stations keep repeating the lie that destroying Israel is the answer.

Too bad you can’t be honest about the problem.  Until you change your own propaganda machine, there is no real chance of peace.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes on human rights in Africa at Makaipa Blog

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