Blogging from Phoenix— I can report with the same veracity and journalistic integrity you have come to expect from say the folks over at FOX, the supreme leader is telling the truth, he didn’t stuff ballot boxes election eve. In this post I will reveal who did and tell you why, as well as name the next probable supreme leader of Iran.

As usual the mainstream media and probably US government is being manipulated by  “journalists” and “ex-patriots” with agendas. I speculate Ayatollah Khamenei and his stooge Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were as shocked as everyone else when results were announced, just hours after tens of millions votes were purportedly counted by hand, Oh happy happenstance as far as the ruling regime was concerned.

If we keep in mind both the declared winner, current President Ahmadinejad and his rival Mir Hossein Mousavi were approved by the supreme leader as acceptable candidates, and till this time around the regime permitted fair elections provided approved candidates were on the ballot. We need to review the current political structure in Iran to understand what occurred.

Oil rich Iran and its middle class were struggling, nay spiraling towards poverty, even when the price of sweet crude was fetching near two hundred bucks a pop. What really occurred in respect to the election began a couple years ago with some very influential clerics, militarily leaders and business types meeting to chart a path toward power. In the Middle East and especially Persia, power is often exercised through front men or straw leaders. The current supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who by the way isn’t even considered a legitimate Ayatollah by authentic holders of the title, was actually a low level cleric who glad handed his way into power. The revolution of 1979 having quickly fallen victim to corrupt militarily and religious leaders after Ayatollah Khomeini died.

The uprising that occurred this week was anticipated well in advance, The vote was rigged, but not by who we think, the man behind the plot to retire, assassinate or simply sack the current supreme leader is a fellow name Hashimi Rafsanjani, a former president himself and currently chairman of the “council of experts” which makes him the only fellow in the Nation of Iran who actually posses the power base to oust the current supreme leader.

Rafsanjani and his clique of business, militarily and clerical leaders hope to steer Iran toward the path of peace and financial prosperity, Hence the need to make it appear as if the election was rigged by the current regime. While the best political team on TV credits twitter for the protests in the street, in reality the conspiracy to topple the corrupt leadership of Iran was executed with near flawless precision by some of the very same people who ousted the Shah thirty years ago and happily they hope to take Barack Obama up on his offer to establish a new relationship with the people of the middle east.

Of course the MSM insist on reporting the current regime was smart enough to turn off the Internet, disrupt cell phones and block radio and satellite transmissions but somehow missed the tweets and face book update. As to Mr. Mousavi, popular fellow that he has become in the last few days, I doubt he was part of the Rafsanjani plot. It’s reported he embraced reform which would be a good thing since history tells us he was more corrupt and ruthless than the current President when he was in power.

That’s my view yours may be different

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