Last September, North Korea, a country that has been plagued with famine deaths for the last decade, announced they were going to encourage farmers to breed rabbits to supply meat.

Actually this makes sense. When I worked in Africa, one of the nutrition outreach programs was a club to teach people to raise rabbits as a source of protein for our children with protein malnutrtion (aka Kwashiorkor).

So a friendly German rabbit breader offered to sell his giant 10 kg rabbits to the North Koreas at one third the normal price. These rabbits could, how do we say this?–breed like rabbits, and could produce 60 baby rabbits per year, which is a lot of meat.

But now the bad news. Karl Szmolinsky, the rabbit breeder, was supposed to travel this month to North Korea to set up and advise the breeding farms. But at the last moment, the trip was cancalled.

The “official” reason is that the North Korean government was unhappy about all the publicity.

Ah, but what has happened to the rabbits that already had been sent to North Korea? No one knows, but the suspicion was that they are now in that rabbit hutch in the sky, eaten by officials.

Szmolinsky said he suspected Robert I and his fellow bunnies had been eaten by top officials and that that was the real reason why he wasn’t getting a visa. “That’s an assumption, not an assertion,” he added. “But they’re not getting any more.”

Hmmm…I wonder what’s the Korean way to prepare Hassenpfeffer?


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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