By Honey Gillard
RECENT reports have put ‘Smallville’ hero Tom Wellling in the spotlight of a new ‘Teen Wolf’ film.

If these rumours are true it looks like Welling will follow the well-travelled footsteps of Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman.

In this updated version of the clique story, a teenage girl who finds herself bearing the mark of the beast.  Since obviously Tom’s teenage days are long over now, we can only figure that his role will be rather tangential; perhaps a charming werewolf hunter? Hmm.. Perhaps. Perhaps. 
Welling will reportedly be using his hiatus time off from filming Smallville to film the howling remake in Little Canada this coming season.

Dark Horizon has reported that location scouts have been sighted lurking around high schools in Little Canada and that they’re looking for somewhere to shoot a Teen Wolf remake. But who knows…? Well I guess it’ll be good to see some more of this Superman.

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Source: Cinemabland

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