There is no doubt that the war in Iraq has cost the taxpayer’s a lot of money. Many brave young and women have even paid a greater price.

Jim Fry (Voice of America) is reporting:

“Government auditors told Congress Thursday that waste and fraud in the reconstruction of Iraq have been rampant. They predict they will uncover losses in the billions of dollars. Key Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee demanded an accounting within two months.”

Voice of America story, here.

There are going to be some, who claim that this is political posturing for for the “upcoming” presidential elections, but there is no doubt – we need to take a hard look at what’s been going on.

If fraud has been a problem in Iraq – and hard evidence is brought forward – the guilty should punished, severely. After all, many of our nation’s finest (the brave men and women I referred to above) have paid with their “blood” for justice in Iraq.

They deserve some (justice), also!

Should this turn out to be “political posturing,” the voters (who by now should be getting tired of special interest/pork barrel politics) should make their voices be heard on election day.

I will be one of the people, who vote every election, watching the results of this, carefully.

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