Blogging from Phoenix: Perhaps Senate majority leader Harry Reid wasn’t really following the race for President this election cycle after all. A democrat who promised change from politics as usual won Sir! While realistically little can be done in the short term to prevent the majority leader from ignoring the will of the rank and file, it still sucks.

Old school politics interlaced with two faced media tactics still seem to work. Senator Reid is deftly maneuvering in an attempt to shield his “pal” Joe Lieberman from being booted out of the power loop. A move which will deny a progressive democratic Senator the powerful chairmanships rightly due the victors, and would be an assist to President Obama in getting landmark legislation passed.

You have to wonder, did Harry Reid vote for a democrat in this year’s presidential election. And how many others are really democrat in name only. I guess we will know when President Obama sends bills to the Hill. The Senate is after all the definition of an old boy network, even if girls have long been allowed in the club house. The mentality lingers.Obama promised change, and we assumed the house and senate got the memo. It’s truly an ominous signal when the very first action of the Senate majority leader the weekend after a landslide victory for change, is a decision to make the rounds of the cable networks attempting to defend a man who went out of his way to defeat us.
President Elect Obama saw the potential of the Internet, John Kerry did not. I suspect Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi will discover its sting quickly, but like John Kerry they seem to have become establishment politicians. They share the same character flaw that cost Newt Gingrich his grip on power. They think once the election is over they can return to business as usual.

In the days before the Internet and blog-o-sphere, politicians from both sides of the aisle could be depended on, at least for a for a few months to clean up the swamp during an election year. They would make a host of pledges and promises, and Our vote we were assured, would help them to clean up if not drain that dank swamp. But in reality we all knew they promised much and did little. Mostly they would spend the next couple years blaming the other side for preventing them from acting on the pledges they made on the stump.
If we just had more DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS in the house and senate they would bemoan as pledges gave way to compromise. Trickle down legislation that failed to address the problems from either a conservative or liberal ideological approach. Yet the do nothing leaders still managed to make lots of lobbyist’s wealthy and powerful. It’s the reason republicans held on to power long after they began breaking the famous contract with America.

TAKE NOTE” Senator Reid, the same technology that allows tens of millions of Americans to instantly interact and share ideas and played so pivotal a role in propelling a little known Senator from Illinois into the white House is going to bite you on your ass but quick.

That’s my view yours may be different


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