… which finds that Americans’ religious faith is tending toward skepticism.

Well … Welcome aboard!, y’all.

Over the last few years, several different surveys have found that more people admit to potentially embarrassing beliefs or behaviors when answering online surveys (without interviewers) than admit to these behaviors when talking to interviewers in telephone surveys.[ … ]
It is therefore no surprise that in this online survey, more people say they are not absolutely certain there is a God than have given similar replies in other surveys conducted by telephone.

It’s all interesting, but here are the findings that I think are most striking.   First, theism, the belief that God directs or is even an active participant in events here  on earth, is dying.  Theism is the belief of those folk who ran around explaining 2004’s Christmas Tsunami as God’s punishment for abortion, or Hurricane Katrina as punishment for homosexuality.

Less than one-third of all adults (29%) believe that God “controls what happens on Earth” (this includes 57% of Born Again Christians). A plurality (44%) believes that God “observes but does not control what happens on Earth.”

Not so long ago, God sat on a throne that was supported by a cloud, and wore a crown on His head.  But science is pushing Him further and further away.  Now, He’s just sort of, you know … out there, somewhere, doing … you know, whatever He does.

Second — and this should provoke any thoughtful person to head-shaking amazement — there’s strong disagreement about whether the three great monotheisms worship the same God.

Hello?  Hello?  One God who is the Creator of the Whole Big Universe?  How on earth can Christians worship the ONE God who is the Creator of the Whole Big Universe, and Muslims some other ONE God who is the Creator of the Whole Big Universe?

About half (51%) of all adults, including a majority of Catholics (63%), believe that Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God. One-third (32%) believes they do not and 16 percent are not sure. On this question, as on the others, the views of Born Again Christians are different – a 54 percent majority believes they do not worship the same God and only 34 percent believe they do.

Fascinating stuff.  Read the whole thing, here.

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