One of the blogs that I post at is craigscrimelist. That blog deals with, as you can guess, crimes that are related to the popular online classified site craigslist At that blog the other day I received an e-mail from a woman who was being harassed on craigslist. For several months someone was posting ads in the personal ads sections requesting things like no strings attached sex and lesbian affairs. The ads would contain her pictures and personal information. She is very busy in her profession and didn’t have the time to flag every ad that popped up. Both her local police and craigslist were not exactly helpful. She came to me asking for assistance.

I thought about trying what little media contacts I have but even then craigslist doesn’t always respond. So I did some research and I found out that if you’re being harassed on craigslist like this there is someplace you can file a complaint. My research took me to The Internet Crime Complaint Center. The site itself talks mostly about fraud but I e-mailed them directly and they assured me that IC3 is the place to file complaints about craigslist harassment of this type. They also recommended filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

So even if craigslist is no help there are places you can turn to.

Shortly after that I received another e-mail from an organization called Love 146. They’re an organization dedicated to stop human trafficking. Go over to their site and you’ll see how they got their name.

They contacted me because we have a similar goal in mind. The complete eradication of human trafficking and child prostitution on craigslist erotic services section.

In that aim Love 146 has started their craigslist Call to Action Campaign.

Their hope is that through speaking engagements, press conferences, and petitions craigslist will follow in the footsteps of MySpace and Facebook to make their site safer for children and it doesn’t get any more dangerous for children than human trafficking.

To this effort they have requested that their members, sponsors, and anybody else to boycott craigslist until they implement safeguards and monitoring procedures that will eradicate the sale of human beings on the erotic services section of the website.

For further information please click the links that I’ve provided.

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