Those who mourn a loved one don’t need to be harassed by those claiming “freedom of political speech”.

The harassment by a so called church group of the funerals of servicemen is an atrocity that should be stopped by legal means, but alas no one seems to feel there is a legal recourse for the upset families. The solution has been that other veterans have prevented them from getting too close to the family.

Yet why has this same group been allowed to harass those who have been shot by murderers?

When innocent Amish children were killed by an evil man, the Phleps family threatened for some reason to protest the funerals of the children. Yet this killing had nothing to do with politics, and to make it worse, the Amish hold funerals in their homes, and bury the children there. In other words, the children’s funerals were not held in public.

Similarly, the Phleps family now claims they wish to picket the funerals of those who were killed by the mentally ill Cho at Virginia Tech.

Again the political aspect is questionable. As Mike Gallagher notes:

They’ve repeatedly stated that innocent murder victims deserved their fate. They routinely hold picket signs outside the churches of funerals that say things like, “Your son is rotting in Hell” and “Thank God for IEDs” and “Your daughter deserved to die.” One of them told me today that they were already making signs for the Virginia Tech funerals that would have said, “Hokies in Hell” (hokie is the Va Tech mascot). Many of these “church leaders” are lawyers and are experts at local ordinances that they use in their favor to hold their protests.

We now have freedom of speech to insist people are in hell because they are college students?

Where does “freedom of speech” start and where does harassment end?

One right wing radio commentator, Mike Gallagher, has decided to step in and stop the harassment. When the group threatened the Amish, he offered (dare I say bribed) them with an hour of free air time to express their views. And he has arranged the same “air time” to stop harassment of the VT victims funerals.

I usually disapprove of rewarding evil, but in this case I am happy that the families will be able to mourn without these evil people harassing them.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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