As I got online this morning, one of the first things I saw was an article where O.J. Simpson was found guilty on 12 charges with some being kidnapping and armed robbery in a Nevada courtroom. What is more amazing is this verdict was read 13 years to the day that he was found not guilty in what was called “The Trial of the Century” where he was charged and acquitted for the murders of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman who was a waiter at the Brentwood restaurant Mezzaluna. During this 13 year period, we saw him in many photos living the good life in Florida. He would play a lot of golf and was always ready for the camera and any photo opportunity he could grab.

I am glad that justice has finally been served. This man literally got away with murder. I got tired of his smug face all over the nation back in 1995 during his trial that bombarded our lives. Then we would see him in photos playing golf and living it up. When he committed these crimes in Nevada, I honestly think he thought he would get away with his crimes. I got the impression that he thought he was above the law. I mean, he kills two people and gets away with it. If he can pull that off, I guess he felt he could do anything else he wanted. Of course, he never paid the Brown and Goldman families the money he was ordered to pay in the civil suit that was held after his criminal trial. He moved to Florida to avoid every loop hole out there in paying that money. Plus, a book was written by him where he gave a hypothetical confession of how Nicole and Ron were murdered. The families put the breaks on that, got the rights to the book, changed the title and all proceeds for that book are now going to the families. Now he will be in prison probably the rest of his life and frankly, I feel this is 13 years too late.

O.J. Simpson is your classic narcissist. He has a warped sense of entitlement and believed the laws did not apply to him. He got away with double homicide and moved to a state that allowed him to avoid paying the families of his victims the money that was ordered by the civil suit. If that did not beat all, he published that book with his so called hypothetical confession and trying to profit from these crimes. What kind of a person does that? One who is so vainglorious and so full of himself that he believes that he is someone special. One that lacks a conscience or any empathy for others whatsoever. In a nutshell, a bully. Yes, I said it, a bully. He abused his wife and never batted an eyelash. He murdered his wife and an innocent bystander and had the nerve to publish a book based on this. He avoided paying the money he owed his victims families. Then he comes to Nevada and pulls more crap there. This time it backfired and he was caught. This is classic behavior of an adult bully.

Now that O.J. is finally getting his just deserts, lets hope that the families and society itself can move forward and feel safe knowing that he is behind bars for the rest of his life. Finally, justice is served! Happy trails, O.J. Simpson!

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