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My brain is just about fried with American troop increases in Iraq (is it ‘about time’ or is it ‘too late’?), fried with threats from that nut case in Iran and counter-threats from our side, fried with Republicans bashing Democrats and Democrats bashing Republicans and, just in general, fried with the way sanity and logic seem to be fighting a loosing battle in what appears to be an increasingly├é┬á insane, illogical world.

How about some happy thoughts?

How about two kidnapped boys being found together, one after 4-1/2 years and the other after 4-1/2 days. 13-year-old Ben Ownby and the now 15-year-old Shawn Hornbeck were found alive and, physically at least, well; they’re calling it the “miracle in Missouri.” The guy who kidnapped them is in custody and will hopefully stay there for the rest of his worthless life. Now there’s three happy thoughts all in one news story.

An ex-US President, Jimmy Carter, is finally being recognized as an irresponsible liar (not to mention a worthless, anti-American piece of trash). There’s another happy thought.

It may not be exactly ‘happy’ but the WWF-style cage match between Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump is certainly entertaining; he said, she said at it’s finest.

Another kinda warm glow emanates from today’s story about Michael Jackson. Seems that the wierd one has run up a $100,000+ bill for unpaid prescription medicine and is being sued by the Beverly Hills “pharmacy to the stars”, the Mickey Fine Pharmacy. I shouldn’t, perhaps, take any joy over Michael J’s troubles but the man/boy is so incredibly talented and he has done so many dumb things to destroy himself that one can’t help but feel happy about him getting another dose (yes, that was a prescription pun) of what he so richly deserves.

Well maybe that’s enough happiness for one day — I should probably watch cable news now just to keep my life in balance.


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