We at Blogger News want to wish all of the mothers that read our articles a very happy Mothers Day.

One of the tools that I play with occasionally is something called Google Trends, essentially it is a little utility that shows you what are the most common things being searched for on any given day. Todays is fascinating and certainly brought a smile to my face.

In the top 20 are the following items:

How to make french toast
Free printable Mothers Day cards
How to make scrambled eggs
Myspace Mothers Day Comments
Happy Mothers Day poems
IHOP locations
Free ecards.com

Guess all those husbands are trying to make breakfast, burning the eggs, then realizing that cooking is not their forte, and deciding that IHOP is the answer. Just before waking the wife up they also realize they forgot to get a card while at the store yesterday.

Simon Barrett

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