I seem to get on the strangest mailing lists. I do not own a gun and have never owned one. I have no problems with people that do. My root issue is that for the most part, guns have only one mission, and that is to kill things. Unfortunately many of the ‘things’ are fellow humans.

It would be futile to try and ban guns. It is impossible to get the genie back in the bottle. Taking guns from people would be an impossible task. I hear “if you ban guns, you only hurt the good guys, the crooks will still have them”.

That actually is a valid comment. I do not have the statistics, at my finger tips, but I seem to recall that gun and motor bike owners are 99% innocent of any wrong doing.

It is not the shotgun or rifle owner that bothers me. Hunting is fun. Many people spend many happy hours ‘bagging’ something for the freezer, It is the Saturday Night Special that I worry more about. The small gun that be concealed in a purse or pocket. This is far more dangerous .

I have to admire Wayne and the boys and girls of the NRA. In an attempt to ‘rebrand’ guns they have created a new quarterly magazine, well it is not new, but they have changed the name of it to NRA Sports.

I rather like the front cover. A young couple with happy smiling faces and a huge gun!


What could have this couple been hunting? The gun seems a tad large for Duck, Geese  or Grouse.   But it is a great picture.

Simon Barrett



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