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NASA to probe alchohol use

There is a policy within the Space Agency that prohibits drinking alchohol within a 12 hour time frame before a flight.  Officials are now investigating reports that on a couple of occassions some astronauts may have bent that rule by bending their elbows a bit more than they should have.

The 12 hour rule itself might be a bit liberal if NASA wants its astronauts to be stone cold sober at liftoff.  Maybe 24 hours would be a better idea.  Have you ever been completely tanked at 10 o’clock at night?  Did you still have a hangover 10 o’clock the next morning?  Granted, space is not the place to be falling-down drunk, but these men and women are after all still human.  Considering the circumstance that they’ve been placed in, we can see the need to take a little nip now and then.

News Source: LA Times

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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