Today is the birthday of the forming of the United States Marine Corps at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia in 1775. U.S. Marines have engaged the enemy in every military conflict this country has encountered. Special thankfulness for those Leathernecks that paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of the United States. Happy Birthday to all past, present and future Marines is in a sense redundant; Once one becomes a U.S. Marine…you’re always a Marine. So in addition to saying thanks to all of the great Leathernecks since the Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, a simple SEMPER FI, is well deserved. Tun Tavern as it appeared in 1775 is pictured below. Unfortunately I-95 now passes over its former location…but the Spirit of the Marines lives on. There is also a historical marker on Front Street to commemorate the spot and critical importance.Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Birthplace of the U.S. Marines!

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