caylee.jpgToday little Caylee Anthony would be celebrating her 7th birthday here on earth but instead she is in heaven with Jesus celebrating with the other children that were called home before they had much of a chance for a life on earth. Each child was taken from earth in a different way but for some reason little Caylee’s story caught the attention from people across the globe.

To the public the story started with the infamous 911 call on July 15, 2008 made by Caylee’s grandmother reporting her missing. If that were the only thing stated in the call it might not have become worldwide news. The grandmother told the 911 operator,

“There is something wrong. I found my daughter’s car today and it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.”

The conversation between the 911 operator and Caylee’s Mother (once the operator got the grandmother to put the Mother on the phone) I believe is what drew the world’s attention. Casey Anthony, from Orlando Florida admitted her daughter, Caylee had been gone for 31 days and the reason she hadn’t reported it yet was because she was using her own resources to try to find her which she admits was stupid.

Which is stupid??? That is much more than stupid! Who in their right mind would wait 31 days to report their child missing to the police? The more this case was investigated the more stranger things got with everything leaning toward Caylee’s mother as the guilty one and eventually she was finally arrested even though Caylee had not been found. With mostly circumstantial evidence a grand jury still handed down an indictment for her charging her with first degree murder.

On December 11, 2008 around the corner from the Anthony family home in Orlando, Florida, Caylee’s body was found in the woods, dumped as though she was yesterday’s trash. Strangely enough it just so happens to be that the wooded area where she was found was the same place where Casey and her friend used to bury their pets when they died when she was a child. Was this a coincident? I find it hard to believe that it was.

Caylee’s mother stayed behind bars for three and a half years denying the whole time that she killed her daughter. She stuck with the story about the so called “Nanny” taking Caylee the whole time. Defense attorney, Jose “Bozo” Baez promised everyone when the trial started we would all be surprised and we’d be telling ourselves, “So that is what happened! Now we understand” Well I for one was shocked in one sense but in another sense it didn’t really surprise me at all when Bozo made his opening speech.

I was not really surprised that Casey Anthony would sink so low as to shift the blame on someone else, like her own father. I was however surprised that they finally admitted that Caylee was never missing. She was never taken by a so called “Nanny” which we all knew was a lie the whole time. Bozo told the jury that Caylee drowned in the pool and because George Anthony told Casey her mother was going to lose it with her so they couldn’t call the police. Did they actually take 3 ½ years to come up with this story? I have heard of a murder set up to maker it look like an accident but never before an accident to make it look like a murder. If it was an accident why cover it up? Something wasn’t right about their claims. Then to top that off they claimed that the reason Casey went along with it was because her head was all messed up since she was the victim of sexual abuse from her own father and hinted that possibly by her brother as well, which was not pushed during the trial.

During the whole trial, the case was being treated as a murder case. Nothing more was said about Caylee’s death being an accident. Bozo did stress the fact that this young mother was a victim of sexual abuse and George Anthony was asked directly on the witness stand if he ever molested his daughter which of course he completely denied. Casey sat in her chair acting really upset that he denied it, which I am sure she was coached by her defense team just when to turn on the tears. She always had tears when someone was saying something she didn’t like about herself but it was odd that she never shed tears when it was mentioned about the condition her daughter’s body was in, once it was found.

So much went on during this trial, making it one you just had to stay glued to until a recess was called for the day. I personally couldn’t walk away from the trial. I watched it online every day. I even gave up a birthday lunch with my aunt to watch it.

The day the jury came back with their verdict was a day that many people are likely to never forget. I wasn’t really surprised that she wasn’t found guilty of first degree murder, but for that jury to not even find her guilty of any of the other charges except for lying to the police really floored me.

Mostly what my objection to all of this is, that NO ONE will ever pay for what happened to sweet little Caylee, the ONLY INNOCENT one involved that paid the highest price ever, with her life. Where is the justice in that? How can they possible say Casey was not guilty? I admit, finding her guilty of first degree murder was a longshot, but isn’t it illegal to withhold information in a capital punishment case? They all knew Casey was charged with murder but yet they claim they knew all along that baby wasn’t missing at all, ever. They also admitted in court that they knew she had died, but they never reported her dead. They knew according to their own explanation that they hid the fact from the police and someone (which the person who did it still remains a mystery) hid the body hoping it would never be found. How come no charges have been pressed on anyone for that?

The only comfort I can find in all this is that Caylee is no longer in the care of this totally dysfunctional family. She is in heaven where she will remain safe forever now. This whole family should be begging God for forgiveness, but instead they are all only seeing dollar signs to see how much money they can make off this dead child. The money the Anthony’s were paid by Dr. Phil for their interview was a complete waste. It was reported he paid them $600,000 supposedly for their charity fund, which was started as the show was aired and has been since dissolved. Where did the money go? Some say they have used the money to support Casey now. I refuse to watch Dr Phil now. He knew where that money was going even though he assured the public it wasn’t for the Anthony’s directly.

Jeff Ashton has written a book about the trial. They have even made a movie going by the book to air on Lifetime TV. He assures everyone that none of the proceeds for the book or the movie goes to Casey Anthony or anyone in her family.

Bozo wrote a book and although I refuse to buy it and I refuse to watch any of his interviews, I have heard a lot about what is in his book. The question that I find myself continuing to ask is, “Why would any of us believe this man now?” He keeps telling people that he has been there since day one. He says he knows more than anyone else knows, but he is wrong. He was not there from day one. He didn’t even know who any of the Anthony’s was on day one. Day one is the day that little Cayleee Anthony lost her life, not the day her mother was arrested as he calls it. He has no clue what happened the day Caylee died, not for sure anyway. He only knows what Casey told him happened. He admitted this woman was a liar so WHY should anyone believe her story now? This really bothers me.

Casey will be free of her probation in a few more weeks. What is going to happen then? Will she still stay in hiding? Will she move out of the country? Will she possibly move to another country that she can hide in that won’t make her come back to Florida to attend her civil trial that she has been officially subpoenaed to? Will she ever be able to go out in public and feel safe? Will she become the same party girl she was during those 31 days while she claimed her daughter was missing?

Will people EVER forget who she is? I doubt it. Her defense team claims she doesn’t like being in the spotlight but of course she doesn’t when people only want to see her dead or in jail at least. I think death would be too easy for her. She should be in jail in the general population and let the prisoners take care of her.

A panel of jurors may have found her not guilty but they never said she was innocent. There is a huge difference there. She is NOT innocent, even if Bozo’s explanation is true about Caylee drowning in the pool. She should have called the police before they took that baby’s body and dumped her like she was nothing more than a bag of trash. She IS GUILTY of not laying her daughter to rest the proper way.

Anyway today is not really about Casey or her low down family so I apologize for this huge rant. It is about a little girl that was just shy of being three years old. I close my eyes when I think of Caylee and I can see that gorgeous smile on her face as she is playing with the other children with her in Heaven. I see her sitting on Jesus’ lap and I know she is happy there and I know that she is better off there than here.

So Caylee I am going to light a candle for you today sweetie. Happy Birthday Caylee Marie Anthony! The world will never forget you honey! We will always love you!

Jan Barrett

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