Aldrin Notes

The image at the right is one of the notes Buzz Aldrin made for a broadcast from the moon during Apollo 11. The image and the text are found at Heritage Auction Galleries, (link below.)

Apollo 11 crewman Buzz Aldrin copied a Bible verse and intended to read it during a planned broadcast from the moon in a Holy Communion service on Luna, but he was not able to accomplish his goal. Although he was the second man ever to walk on the surface of the moon, Mr. Aldrin was not permitted to read aloud from the Bible on Luna.

Walking on the moon was doable, but reading scripture, impossible. It’s mind-boggling.

Widely-known atheist of that era, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, threw up legal objections to the service and scripture reading and stopped the production. Instead, Mr. Aldrin read a few notes of a more generic nature and asked for silent medication. Now, the handwritten Bible verse from the New Testament has been auctioned for the astounding sum of $179,250.

We have matured as a people since the time of the objections of Mrs. O’Hair. Before and during the memorial Service for the US Space Shuttle Columbia astronauts who died over Texas upon re-entry in 2003, all faiths offered specific prayers and non-believers offered meditations for all of the departed astronauts. It is also interesting that Mrs. O’Hair’s son became a man of faith (No offense meant to atheists or any faith).

Links to this news and the handwritten notes of Buzz Aldrin:

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