News Item:
FBI arrests NJ officials in corruption probe

A couple of days ago the FBI hauled in 11 elected officials in New Jersey and charged them with taking bribes.  Now there’s a shocker for you… corrupt politicians in Jersey… who woulda thunk it.

Truth is, politics and bribery go hand in hand in The Garden State, and it just doesn’t seem to faze the populace.  If you want to get elected in New Jersey, campaign on social issues.  Promises to cut taxes are seen as a joke, and never materialize, but promise big budget programs to cure social ills, and it’s almost automatic, you’re in.  Never mind that everyone knows you’ll be skimming some off the top, it’s almost expected.  If you don’t know that, as a voter, you’d better take a look again.  It’s basically standard procedure.  These 11 are just the latest in a long long line.  It’s becoming the stuff of tradition.  In the past 5 years alone, 100 NJ officials have been convicted of taking bribes and kick-backs.

News Source: MSNBC

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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